What a great journey

WEB PHOTO KARENToday feels like any other day for Michael Phillips Care Agency Ltd, but for me it’s a bit of a milestone. My journey here began on 31st January 2001 after having completed 2 weeks working with the help of “Scope” and then, with 16 hours a week I was taken on helping out in the office and providing home care in my local community. Like many of our current care staff and those we’ve employed over the years, as a single parent, I juggled the needs of my home life and young family with the needs of my clients and the business, but always enjoyed feeling that I’d made a difference to someone’s day, every day, no matter how small that difference might have been.
I’ve developed the business over the last 15 years and our success is purely due to the united vision and flexibility of all those who’ve moved forwards with me over the years. I believe in high standards, working to improve the lives of not just our clients, but all of our valued employees. I realise that without them, there would be no Michael Phillips Care Agency Ltd, not just the current employees, but those we’ve improved through training and development and seen go on to new adventures with the confidence they’ve gained whilst with us.
I’ve been fortunate to make many friends over the years, both business and colleagues and I’m hoping to make many more over the next 15 years.
Ms Karen Hughes
Managing Director / Reg’d Manager
Michael Phillips Care Agency Ltd.

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