How can Michael Phillips Care Agency Ltd help YOU?

When you contact us, we will arrange for one of our Assessors to visit you free of charge with no obligation involved. They will ask you about your health and the kind of assistance or support you feel you need to remain living independently at home. We will ask you about what matters to you. (We carry out this full initial assessment on all our Clients with an emphasis on independence and what matters to you, rather than dependence). We will discuss with you what support you want from your care package and who you may already have available to help you remain an active part of your community. We try to identify if there is any way we can help you access social or educational groups within your own community to enhance your social activities and interaction. Our intention is to ensure that you have a voice and control over how you receive the care or support we can provide you.

Following this conversation with you, if you agree that you need some support at home from us, we will talk to everyone who would be involved in your care with your consent, and draw up an outcome focussed personal plan of care/support with you. We will involve professionals such as your GP, social worker or district nurse, and people who provide informal care to you such as your friends, family or neighbours, in this process. We will only contact those who provide informal care to you with your consent.

Some of the things we can help you with are listed below:

  • Help with everyday tasks you are unable to do yourself such as:
    Cooking a choice of meal for you, or preparing a meal with you to cook with the assistance and support of a carer.
  • Cleaning your home or cleaning your home with you
  • All calls inclusive of hoisting / transfers and manual handling needs in your home (All our staff are trained in all aspects of manual handling)
  • All personal care and intimate personal care (policy available upon request)
  • Dressing and undressing you or assisting you to do this
  • Doing or helping you with your laundry.
  • Shopping for you or assisted shopping – we are unable to purchase medication, alcohol, cigarettes or illegal drugs and have a strict cash handling policy
  • Respite services – to give a carer a short break so they can get out for a bit
  • Hospital visiting accompanying service
  • Prescription collection
  • Pet Care and Pet walking  (These will be risk assessed)
  • Supporting you on outings to educational groups or groups of interest to you or work placements
  • Supporting you on outings to visit family or friends or to social groups or theatres
  • Supporting you on outings to visit health services such as doctors or dentists.
All the above are ideas of what we can provide, but our intention is to discuss with you your preferred outcomes, and work with you to build a care support plan to suit your needs and the choices you make. This could very likely include some of the tasks above, or be something completely different in your case. Achieving the choices you make is important to us, ensuring you have a feeling of well-being is what matters to us.
By supporting you with your choices, we hope we can support you to also –

  • Live as healthily as possible in your home.
  • Live as independently as possible in your home.
  • Live as safely as possible in your home.
  • Enjoy activities, hobbies or interests.
  • Have voice, choice and control over your daily life, every day.
  • Use your chosen language or method of communication, support you to follow your religious or cultural beliefs.
  • Maintain relationships with people important to you and learn new life skills if you want to which could support you to participate in your community more.
If you think you, or someone you know, needs some help at home, you can contact: the team at Michael Phillips Care Agency Ltd on 01745 350923