Hi All
I would like to send you all a Big Thank you for the care that you provided to me over the last 4 years or so, it was really appreciated.  I am settling in well at Preswylfa, my new home but I do miss you all.
Thanks again

Thank you for all the support given to us over the past number of months and thank you for accommodating the ‘last minute’ pleas.
Kind regards

Can’t thank you enough for all the girls that cared for (IST).
She has gone into ———- and seems to be settling in well.
The (IST) Clan.

To all at Phillips Care Agency Ltd:
As a family we wish you all to know that we appreciate all your kindness and care you gave to our mother (FLOJ).
No words can express how grateful we are that you were all there for her in her hours of need.  Her dignity was retained until the end and we can never repay except with our appreciation, the hard work and devotion you gave to her.
Thank you so much.
TM (Daughter)

To all the lovely people who were involved in the care of our mother (WINB) – thank you all so much.  You were so kind to her and we very much appreciate that.
PS – Thank you also to staff members who came to the funeral service. We’re just sorry that you didn’t come back to the Bod Erw as we would very much have liked to speak with you all and thank you personally.
Yours sincerely

To everyone, Nicola, John, David at MPCA.
Thank you for all you have done for ERFR.

To all the staff at Michael Phillips.
Thank you so much for all the support and friendliness shown to me over the last 18 months.  I will miss you all.

To those  carers in your agency who attended to our mother (IS-Rhyl).  We send our grateful thanks for the extra time and friendliness you gave her in the later stages of her dementia.
We appreciate you support throughout our difficult time.
D/D & B.

Thank you for your lovely girls.  Very pleased with the work.


Thank you all for caring for G.

Our sincerest thanks to you all for caring for our mum & keeping her company.  You provided her with much comfort.
P/C/J/P and family.

To all at MPCA.

Thanks to everyone, Jill especially for all the care and support you gave to Mum (FM).  We couldn’t have managed without your dedication, and knowing others were coming in to her through the week gave us great reassurance.

Every good wish N/J/&G.
To all the staff at MPCA

Thank you so very very much! for looking after me so well.  I would not have come this far without you.

Love. CM.