Looking for a home care provider? This is what you need to know.

A home-care support service aims to assist you to remain living independently in your own home for as long as possible with a level of support suited to your identified needs. Home-care support is there to safeguard you from any possible admission into hospital or move into residential care or sheltered housing.  The aim is to provide you with a quality service with the choices you make about your support during your full free initial assessment.  Every home-care support provider should provide you with a full assessment of your needs. The information home care providers gather from you can take up to two hours or more to collect, but it ensures that the service they provide you with is what you choose and what will enable you to remain living in your home the way you want to.

All home-care support services should be registered with Care Inspectorate Wales and you can visit their website and read historic inspection reports to find out more about the service provider you are interested in. Just type in a service provider’s details on “Find a service” at  www.careinspectorate.wales/

Their managers should also be registered on Social Care Wales. (We have 2 managers registered currently as well as our Responsible Individual who is registered with CIW)  All care support workers should also be registered on Social Care Wales, though carers new to the company or social care have a period of 6 months to ensure they qualify to register. (This was extended to 1 year during the Covid-19 Pandemic) On this site you can find out more information about social care in Wales and what to expect as well as what qualifications you should have if you want to pursue a career in social care in Wales..  https://socialcare.wales/

It is very important that you find the right provider for you.  A provider who will promote your choices, listen to you and give you control over your own support package. A provider should communicate effectively with you, care about your experience being a positive one with them and, a provider should provide you with regularly trained care support staff to ensure you are safely supported in your home.

If you think you, or someone you know, needs some help at home, you can contact: the team at Michael Phillips Care Agency Ltd on 01745 350923