Promoting Older People’s Day 1st Oct 2010

Promoting Older People

MICHAEL PHILLIPS CARE AGENCY LTD is dedicated to promoting dignity awareness across the North Wales coastal area.

Staff have been running a number of events over the past two months on the run up to Older People’s Day which on October 1st 2010.

They have enlisted the help of many local businesses to display awareness posters in the vicinity of their cash tills.

Karen Hughes, Managing Director, said: “If we can just make a few people think about those less able around them, encourage them to offer assistance where needed, or just to display patience, respect and understanding, we’ll have been able to make the difference we’d hoped for.

“Just because someone is older or disabled, doesn’t mean that we should treat them any differently than we would expect to be treated ourselves.”

By raising awareness in the local community, their aim is to widen understanding of the everyday issues and barriers surrounding the elderly and vulnerable around us.

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